Meet Larry


I'm running to be part of the movement of progress! Progress not just for one population of folks in the 86th District, but for ALL.

If I am privileged enough to serve the 86th District, I'll be here learning the changing needs of my community, to show a child who needs support that they have a voice through me! For those who haven't had a voice in the past, you'll be my priority, and I'll represent you in the work that I do in Lansing while listening to you to understand your situation firsthand. 

This is why I want to be the next State Representative of the 86th District! We all need an advocate.

I grew up in poverty myself, like many folks I will be serving here in the 86th District. The difference is that I'm here to be their advocate. Many people who are struggling don't know who their advocates are or how to access them. Growing up in Humboldt Park, Chicago as a child, I didn't know who my representative was. Sometimes we were moving from shelter to shelter as my mother battled mental health issues. Knowing how to access my advocates would have been transformational.


I hope to earn your vote on August 2 & November 8!