The Issue: Infrastructure


Roads in the 86th district and statewide have been a perpetual problem that needs immediate attention. I intend to help craft long-term and sustainable funding solutions (not patchwork solutions), to avoid ever falling behind again.

Broadband access in the rural areas of the district needs to be addressed. The pandemic brought to the forefront the critical nature of providing access to everyone in Michigan. The Governor has a Michigan High-Speed internet office that I will support 100%. 212,000 homes statewide suffer from lack of access either through lack of connection or cost of service. My 21 years as an IT professional will provide knowledge and resources to make this a reality for all Michiganders.

Water is a huge part of our tourism infrastructure, but we also need clean water to maintain our human infrastructure needs statewide. In the 86th District, I will support our watershed manager for Lake Macatawa and the team she is helping to form statewide with other watershed managers trying to come up with legislation to maintain one of Michigan's most valuable commodities. Water shouldn't be an afterthought when thinking about public health. We know from lack of water for our west Michigan farms and neighborhoods and from the Detroit, Flint and Benton Harbor crises how important clean and accessible water is.