The Issue: Housing


The housing stock across all socioeconomic classes is a problem in the 86th district. This is also a problem statewide with people being priced out of the market, flimsy construction that is built with no longevity in mind, and short-term rentals instead of long-term leasing for families to build futures in.

Homelessness in the 86th district is an issue that I will address by working with community stakeholders like Greater Ottawa County United Way, local township boards, and Faith Organization. These organizations work in specific spaces to assist people that fall on hard times. Additional funding to the current programs in the Holland area would assist with the missions of supplying families with stable housing options.

I will work with MCAH (Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness Legislative Action Committee) to help shape policy on issues of homelessness in Michigan. This all ties into building an affordable housing stock that can remove the risk of low income families going into homelessness.